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What is Optyn?

Optyn is a marketing automation software designed to make it easier for you to have total control over your marketing campaign. Creating an account is easy and simple.

Social Media Marketing

Use social media to directly engage your targeted audience and current contacts. Get ideas, hashtags and keywords to build your lead list from social mentions. Enjoy advanced and active social network marketing built into your campaigns.

Contact Management

With Optyn, you will have in-depth and detail tracking that includes page views, time spent on sites and special interests to make it possible to track known and anonymous contacts effortlessly. After tracking, these contacts can be nurtured with a wide array of powerful that Optyn provides.

Email Marketing

Track everything regarding emails, including opened emails and clicks. Optyn also makes it easy for you to send personalized and mass emails to customers. These personalized emails do make it much more likely for you to convert contacts into customers.


Design stunning and unique forms for your campaign to collect valuable information, build segments and promote your next webinar with the advanced and highly customizable form builder.


With Optyn, it will be as easy as 1,2, 3 to build campaigns and define actions and events that your contacts will follow. The flexible, easy-to-use campaign management and dripflow programs creation makes it easy for you to connect with contacts and nurture them along the sales funnel.


Data gathered from each report will allow you to improve future marketing efforts and detailed feedback let’s you constantly develop marketing efforts until you have reached perfection.


Campaign marketing & Dripflow programs

Any good marketing automation program does require a good campaign and dripflow programs as they are essential to helping you convert traffic. The Optyn marketing programs come with flexible, easy-to-use campaign management and dripflow programs to get you started. The software will allow you to automate the process of connecting with contacts and nurturing them through the sales funnel.

With Optyn your business can define multiple outcome processes, set both date triggered actions and activity triggered actions, which will leave you with more time to spend on collecting traffic.

Design stunning and custom landing pages

Landing pages are essential for capturing some vital information of your customers. Optyn offers marketing automation to allow you to capture this information for future promotions. Through the integrated page builder, Optyn allows businesses to create stunning and unique pages that will draw the attention of user and allow them to sign up hassle free.

The landing pages are also an essential part when it comes to monitoring site traffic and it also allows for monitoring of asset management.

All of these elements will work together and create a custom tailor made on each site visitor, including interests and needs for businesses. This will allow them to receive the relevant information to build stronger business profiles.

Contact nurturing & Information tracking

Information is important when it comes to marketing and Optyn will provide users with in-depth tracking and powerful contact nurturing tools to ensure that businesses do have the tools available for organizing their marketing campaigns. Contact tracking will provide you details like pageviews, specific interests and the amount of time spent on the site.

Contact nurturing is good at its current level, but Optyn does take it one step further and will allow businesses to create any custom or additional fields for contact. The deeply integrated API’s makes it possible for your business to tie CRM field directly your contact fields.

Advance social media networking and integrations

In the modern age of technology, social media is the main thing connecting people and it also connects businesses to contacts. With social media, the opportunities are endless and businesses who recognize the importance and know how to use the networks are thriving. Optyn makes it easy for these businesses and with a smooth integration process, the ability to form good relationships are enhanced.

With Optyn, developers will be able to add social networks as they choose and any social network with an API can be integrated into Optyn quickly and efficiently.

01. Easy to Setup

Installation with Optyn is simple and fast and it uses a 3 step system to make the installation go as smooth as possible. If you are looking for something even faster, you could also use popular services to automatically install Optyn.

02. Complete Control

Are you tired of using third party services that charge a hefty fee to access data? Well, with Optyn, you will have complete control over all the data and you will also find that your contact are only yours to work with.

03. Integrated Solutions

With open sources, businesses will have unlimited integrations and customizations. Optyn integrates dozens of solutions and can also be easily extended with a powerful API.

Pricing Plans

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up to 1 million emails/mo

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